Friday, August 31, 2007

Bodnar's Close-Up

With "Salad Days" steadily approaching in SF (with what I consider the BEST name of all-time for any 1988 show....EVER), Mark Bodnar's cameo during Fall Out Boy (another GREAT name, this time for a band) Joe Trohman's MTV Cribs is AWESOME. Much like our friend Luke (ALSO opening his solo on Sept. 6th in LA, the plugs come and go, my friend) on Joel Madden's Cribs episode, Mark's painting gets some serious face time right before the 4 minute mark. If I ever end up on Cribs for my fly fishing championship, my extreme walking career, or for being the owner of the most Cyndi Lauper original vinyl (7, if you MUST know), then they'll also see the huge painting from the Master Bodnar that Katie and I own. LOVE the Barber piece, and we're expecting more gems like that one when he breaks out on Sept. 6th in SF. All 3 artists from Salad Days (Bodnar, Jesse LeDoux and Nathan Stapley) will be in attendance, but Mark might be wearing those weird Window Blinder glasses that Kanye West wears now: because he's on MTV.

Oh, and we have a funny announcement regarding G1988 x MTV, but that's for a later time.

G1988: LA

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