Saturday, August 25, 2007


It's been a while since my last post. It's been a crazy summer with a ton of travelling and I'm finally back, but exhausted. I decided to get back on the blog cause I have some exciting news for our SF readers...

MARK BODNAR, JESSE LEDOUX, and NATHAN STAPLEY are coming! Well, Nathan actually lives here, but it's still very exciting! These three G1988 favorites are in our next show, Salad Days, which opens Sept. 6th. I know the show name is a little strange, but it has such a great meaning behind it. "Salad Days" is a term coined by Shakespeare that recalls one's youth, particularly in reference to a time of innocence and idealism. So you can see the title is perfect for these three artists.

Here is a piece by Mark Bodnar that will be in the show...

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I truly love Mark's work. His paintings make me genuinely happy.

I cannot wait for this show! I'll be posting teaser images for Nathan and Jesse too over the next few days, so be patient, but get excited!

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G1988 San Francisco

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