Monday, August 13, 2007

Be Kind, Guys Time

Putting the finishing touches on the Guys' Guys group show which opens tomorrow night in Los Angeles with an opening reception from 7-10 PM! The work looks GREAT all together and some really good buys in this one. You can actually preview the show, and purchase pieces before the opening even starts, by checking out Actually, I'll have two of the Stella "Always" prints to sell (they SOLD OUT in about 3 minutes last week up in SF), so I'll only sell them to people who #1) come to the LA opening tomorrow night and #2) read the blog. So come to Guys' Guys, buy the print that sold out FASTER than any print in 1988 history and leave a very happy person. But again, only the first two people at the LA opening.

In totally unrelated news, Michel Gondry's new trailer hit the Internet, and it looks great. I had first heard the idea a few years ago, and thought it could turn out a bit cheesy, but I just might be wrong...but totally happy to be wrong. Check it out:

OK, so see you tomorrow night. I have a bowling league to attend (not kidding).

G1988: LA

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