Friday, August 17, 2007

Throwback Friday

A recent visit from friend of the gallery, and all-around good guy rapper, Murs, had me happily recalling early 90's hip-hop, as there aren't many people that can go toe-to-toe with me in regards to rap trivia from those pivotal years. There's only so many avenues of life where you can reminsice about Ballistix (the ILLEST all ages hip-hop club we'd go to and see a pre-pubescent Xzibit battle a pre-Peas Will.I.Am, then named Will-1-X) and the fact that we saw Big Pun, Jeru and Wu-Tang at Unity for $10. Those here for the art, don't worry I won't do this much. But those who know their obscure hip-hop, let's have a YouTube Throwback Friday, with some groups and songs that I think may have been forgotten days after their release. But I'll never forget.

The Wascals, "Class Clown"

The Fu-Schickens feat. Shaq-Fu, "What's Up Doc?" (in what's less like a video, and more like Shaq's high school reel to get into LSU)

3rd Bass feat. Zev Love X (a.k.a. A less jaded MF Doom) - "Gas Face (Live Video)"

Yes, this is what he looks like under the mask, you hipster.

Kurious, "Uptown Shit"

Outkast - "Player's Ball" - They were genius before they were "genius."

Young Black Teenagers - "Tap The Bottle"

The Final YO! MTV Raps freestlyle - Redman, Method Man (feat. a backpack and cheap headphones), Main Source's Extra P, Special Ed (who got weirdly political) and Craig Mack.

K, school's out. Back to art.

G1988: LA

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