Sunday, April 17, 2011

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Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the "Required Reading" opening on Friday night. We had a packed house and a line out the door. People's reactions to the show have been amazing, and we have Rob Jones and Mitch from OMGPosters to thank for that. Their curating and assigning skills were unheralded in my opinion. So, thank you so much guys. And we obviously have to thank the artists as well. Without them, it's just Mitch and Rob emailing people who don't exist. So, thank you guys too.

All the artwork is now online and available, so CLICK HERE. A large amount of the posters have sold out, but we have some incredible prints still left!

A housekeeping note: We did have a handful of oversells this show, as the site actually crashed at one point from high traffic (the third time ever!). At this point, on Sunday at 4:30 PM PT, everyone who had to be refunded, has been so. Barring any major catastrophe, everyone who has not gotten an email and has a transaction number (usually it's a #10000 and 4 more digits) - you are safe. Thank you to everyone with your patience and sorry to those who had to get refunded.'d think with this chaos and all the paperwork, and oversells, and headaches, and lines outside the gallery, we'd be taking a break next.

G1988 (Melrose)

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Big year for G1988