Monday, November 2, 2009


"When his eyes were tightly shut, and the counted sheep had begun taking on lives of their own, young Matt Riddle's dreams were snatched right out of his sleepy head. The most unusual part about the pearl theft is that with most people, there is just one pearl which holds all the creative thoughts and dreams for a life time, but Matt had a string of pearls. This both puzzled and delighted the Pearl Thief who didn't hesitate to pull one after another until he had taken the last one, leaving Matt, tired, grey, and listless as he woke the next morning. We need your help to return Matt's dreams to him. In doing so you will forever be included in this story as it unfolds."

The puzzle will be for those attending the opening tomorrow night of Greg Simkins' "The Pearl Thief," from 7 - 10 PM. Can you solve the puzzle? If so, you'll get a free 5 x 5 inch Matt Riddle painting from Greg Simkins and find your name somehow included in the future story (and paintings) of this incredible character's story.

Just you wait. So awesome.

Tonight, I'm going to post the show's masterpiece. You should be sitting.



Nina said...

Is the answer to the riddle found through the painting of the show?

G1988 said...

I can't tell you that! Good luck!

Nina said...

that's not fair!

Anonymous said...

AHA! If Matt lost his dreams, therefore he is a McDonald's employee!