Friday, November 6, 2009

Frame #12 & Ronie Midfew Arts are proud to be continuing the "LOST Underground Art Project." The 12th limited edition print, celebrating the greatest "water cooler" moments from the ABC television show "LOST" is by artist Daniel Danger and focuses on Jacob's Cabin. This poster sold out in 10 seconds.

This is the 12th print, of an eventual set of 16, and was revealed at San Francisco's Super7 boutique toy store. For one day, the store is handing out limited edition iPod, iPhone and MacBook skins created specifically for the campaign by Gelaskins. The artwork featured on the skins is by artist Mark Bodnar. 

These prints are limited to 300, but less than 200 are available for purchase. Each is signed and 24 x 18 inches. The text at the bottom of the print reads, "And that's why my hand was shaking. Because this is not a man you go and see, this is a man who summons you."

You can view this print at and follow the entire project at, which may involve free LOST events and stunts in your area to announce the newest print!


andalone said...

Will the gelaskins be available for purchase? Not able to get to SF for reveal (in Memphis). Got poster, want gelaskins too!

Congested said...

Awesome poster. Very happy to have nabbed one in time. Though, considering the sluggish site, it took me about 45 seconds to check out. So the poster definitely didn't sell out in 10 seconds as I was in the first 20 orders or so I believe.

Big shout out to Daniel Danger on this one. Can't wait to see it in person.

Dr Mum said...

Hey ...this looks JUST like my house in Australia which I call the PommieHut. I am resigned to not getting the TS print I want..Eheu!
no way ...impossible... but still
L O V E everything about this campaign.