Friday, June 26, 2009

Plans for Tonight

Remember, tonight, 7 - 10 PM, if you live in SF, "Battle Royal," the incredible multi-artist show opens. This piece by Marcus Schaeffer, part of the show, is incredible!

And after that, when you get home, a little buzzed, tune into Last Call with Carson Daly and check out musician/artist Pete Wentz get interviewed in Gallery1988: LA. It's a nice way to check out most of the Reuben Rude show too! In HD. the morning, wake up early and come by Gallery1988: LA for "An Afternoon With Greg Simkins." This will be your chance to get the Matt Riddle print, the skate deck and MAYBE something you can only get by coming into the gallery - that's the most limited item of all. We got you covered this weekend, cause Sunday we'll all just hang out and watch Press Your Luck reruns on the Game Show Network.

G1988: LA

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