Saturday, June 27, 2009

And He's Out...

FUN DAY! Greg put in a little over 4 hours on his live painting gig here at the gallery and for those who couldn't attend, I created this cute little video putting all his hard work into less than 2 minutes....

The other cool part about today was the debut of Greg's latest piece, a commission for the collection of Aris and Heather Pinedo-Burns, called "Seasons Change." Easily one of his best pieces ever, this 3 1/2 x 4 foot painting, is STUNNING. Check out the picture...

Stop by the gallery this next week, we'll have it sitting out so you can see it in person - before it travels to Aris and Heather in New York City!

Anyway, Greg is going to finish the painting at home and we'll update you all next week as to where you can bid on it for auction, with all the money going to Cancer research in the name of my late father, Lawrence Karp. So stay tuned to the blog and you'll get all the vital info.

Thanks to everyone who came out and have a great Saturday night!

G1988: LA

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