Thursday, June 18, 2009

Book 'Em, Danno

Our first foray into book publishing, partnering up with our friends at Baby Tattoo, gets a sneak peek! The moment I saw Travis Louie's work a few years ago, accompanied by the incredible back stories he creates for each insanely detailed monster produced by his brain, I imagined what his book would look like. And here it is. "Curiosities" by Travis Louie is almost here! Stay tuned to this blog to find out more about its release, and a book signing at G1988: LA. So proud of this, and especially proud of Travis.

A quick story about Travis's work also. A friend had been on a bit of an art buying binge and was really hounding me for the "next big thing." It was quite early in Travis's gallery showing career, so he was an obvious suggestion I gave. My friend immediately bought a piece from Shooting Gallery in SF. A few weeks passed and I get a frantic call from my friend, angry about my suggestion. He said, "I just got this Travis piece and I'm mad at you." I asked why, confused, as I think every Travis piece is more mind-blowing than the previous piece I'd seen. He said, "DUDE, I don't buy digital pieces. He did this on the computer." I laughed and explained that Travis is a bit of an alien, and not to worry, everything you see is painted by hand - no matter how hard that is to believe. It was still difficult to convince my friend that these weren't digital illustrations, but at that moment, Travis became the first artist to confuse a buyer, who purchased, and was now staring at, a painting - and they still thought it was a computer generated piece.

G1988: LA

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That is a great story.