Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What We Got

The LA gallery is about to pull off a June where we end up opening 2 shows in the month, making it 3 art shows in 30 days between May and June. Saying it's a lot of work is like saying that Shepard Fairey is kinda into politics. A bit of an understatement. But these two are going to be totally awesome, marking both the debut of Brandi Milne's artwork for her upcoming book and the solo show debut of phenom Matt Dangler.

"So Good For Little Bunnies" will be a weekend engagement at G1988: LA where we display all the original artwork from the upcoming book of the same title from LA artist Brandi Milne. This will open June 13th, with an opening reception from 7-10 PM. And the work will only be on display until the 15th. You'll be able to not only purchase originals of the work featured in the incredibly cute book, but also pre-order the book and reserve a copy for the minute they're available to the public. And if you order it that night, you'll get a pretty amazing surprise that night that you won't get any other way. But more on that later, and we'll be previewing some of the work here on the blog all week!

And then there's the Dangler. His debut solo show, "Matt Dangler's Treehouse," will open June 19th, and I couldn't be more antsy to see the over 20 paintings and 10 drawings he created for the show! The show will be focused around Matt's signature, and uber-detailed (bristles of hair, anyone?) creatures that seem to always be just hanging out in the jungle of the prolific artist's brain. The show will have a wide range of prices, as Matt wants to make sure everyone can go home with something. And go home with something they will, as this show is getting A TON of inquiry emails. Maybe some people are Google masters and found the blog of a certain celeb who just picked up his first Dangler. Or maybe they know that Matt likes making the process of buying one of his paintings a personal experience (and he'll be in LA for his show!) I don't know, maybe they just think these little creatures are cute...

Sneak peek at the solo...

G1988: LA

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