Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Everyone In Together

Aaron Jasinski
Adam Flores
Allison Torneros
Andrew Bell
Andy Kehoe
Angry Woebots
Anne-Julie Aubry
Brendon Flynn
Brett Amory
Brian Kesling
Cameron Tiede
Cherri Wood
Chet Zar
Chris Murray
Chris Tezber
Chrystal Chan
Cristina Paulos
El Maz
Erik Abel
Jeni Yang
Jeremy Tinder
John Kennedy
Johnny Crap
Juri Ueda
Kendra Binney
Krista Huot
Lani Imre
Melissa Moss
Michelle Mia Araujo
Mike Shine
Nanami Cowdroy
Nate Frizzell
Nathan Stapley
Patrick Fatica
Patrick Gannon
Rachel Wong
Rebecca Artemisa Urias
Steve Bartlett
Tessar Lo
Walt Hall
Yoskay Yamamoto

This is the artist list for our next San Francisco show opening June 20th. Needless to say, this is an AMAZING lineup! These are my favorite types of shows because so many people are involved and there is a huge variety of new work arriving soon. Previews are on the way...

G1988 SF

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