Friday, June 6, 2008

All Milne

I'm currently reading "Snuff," the new novel from Fight Club scribe Chuck Palahniuk, a first hand, and fictional, account from members of a porno film gang bang that, although I'm only a handful of pages in, seems to go awry. I do guess it goes without saying though that this is not a children's book. Not written by Judy Blume, not illustrated by Maurice Sendak and not about a wizard school. So as a nice change of pace, I'm really stoked for the upcoming Brandi Milne book release event we have going on here at the LA gallery on Friday night, June 13 through that Sunday the 15th.

The special weekend event will celebrate Brandi's upcoming book "So Good For Little Bunnies," which will be released by Baby Tattoo. The book recalls upon the naive and innocent themes and visuals from children's books of yesteryear, but the reason the gallery was so drawn to the book and exhibit is because of its ability to also interest adults with the imagery. We will be displaying, and selling, the original artwork from the book. Here are some sneak peeks of the beautiful pieces/pages....

AND....if you pre-order the "So Good For Little Bunnies" book at the opening reception on the 13th from 7-10 PM, or at all during the weekend, you'll receive a book-related drawing directly from the artist herself. Here's two examples...proving this is a deal that must be had. Would make a pretty sweet bookmark.

Nice little incentive, and rare opportunity, to be the first person on your block to get this incredible book. But you don't have to take my word for it....(Reading Rainbow? Levar Burton? Anyone?)

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