Saturday, June 28, 2008


Gallery assistant Becky is on a weekend vacation leaving me all alone today and I just might be going a little Jack Nicholson at the Stanley Hotel, but I couldn't stop laughing at this You Tube video, chronicling answering machine messages from a suave man named Dmitri to a woman, named Olga, he approached on the street (because she was "elegant"). Between guys like this and the entire Ed Hardy clothing line, sometimes I feel bad that girls have to withstand such utter d-bags in the universe.

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G1988: LA


Joseph said...

Man, I really can't stand any of the Ed Hardy stuff. That is one thing that I have noticed and loathed about living down here in LA. All the Ed Hardy crap is a giant arrow pointed directly at you, letting everyonce else know how much of a douce bag you are.

Anonymous said...

Sad thing is I've had phone calls like this...sigh...