Sunday, May 4, 2008


Last night's opening reception for Peter's "The Revolution Will Be Fabulous" was GREAT! People seem genuinely really stoked to see the installation, as Peter really put together an impressive show of his weapons. And having an LV rifle sitting in the front Melrose window causes quite a stir, trust me. GREAT turnout for the show, especially considering this weekend was what I've been calling "Multi-Media Madness" - with GTA IV (anyone else noticing the COPE2 tags in Coney Island?), Mario Kart, Iron Man and Murakami having a painting show in LA. And I'm not even taking the Full House rerun marathon into consideration. But thanks to everyone who came out, and those who haven't seen the exhibit in person, it only runs until May 16th, so make it snappy. And I guess you could always just see the pieces online by CLICKING HERE.

Here's a 2 pics of Peter Gronquist chilling on his INSANE Louis Vuitton Electric Chair, which also have a place card that reads "Reserved for Tom Sachs."

And here's "The Beast," an incredible journalist who's been covering our gallery in publications like Italian Vogue and Elle since our first show in 2004. Beast is literally one of my favorite people in the universe, and is so ahead of his time I'm surprised we're even able to see him walk in.

And although almost impossible to follow up a picture like that with any sort of important announcement, I think I might just have a chance...

Yes, it's back.

G1988: LA

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