Thursday, May 22, 2008

...and I'm the Big Dipper

Some don't know this important piece of 1988 trivia, but one artist has been displayed, and purchasable, since our first day of business back in April 2004. That's right, no matter what show, no matter which artists were being shown, one artist has been a total mainstay every single day we've been open for business. He may have changed his name three times since those days, but PlasticGod was actually one of the artists that gave Katie and I the idea to open an affordable, youth-based art gallery. So when we get new product in from the man himself, we get pretty jazzed up. I mean, we are talking about an eye to detail that was able to chronicle every outfit worn by Derek Zoolander in one poster for last year's Crazy 4 Cult. Well, now he pays tribute to another artist who has changed his name a few times:

This is the brand new print from PlasticGod paying tribute to the ever changing persona known as Prince. Detailing memorable outfits and phases of his career from 1980 - 1995, the God hits every stop from Purple Rain to Batdance to the NPG. As a Prince fan myself, I had to talk about this one. They are 12 x 36 inches, and a signed and numbered edition of 50. They're $99 unframed, and $150 framed. Oh, and obviously the version you buy won't say "SAMPLE" across it.

Want it? Feel free to shoot me an email at or call us at (323) 937 - 7088, as we don't have many. Act now before your (Morris Day and the) time is up.

(sounds of boos for a bad pun)

G1988: LA

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