Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gun Control Means Using Both Hands In My Land

NRA, throw your hands up! Tonight, 7-10 PM, join us for the opening reception for "The Revolution Will Be Fabulous," featuring these beauties and more. Here's what Flavorpill had to say about the exhibit:

"Weapons of mass designer," Peter Gronquist's tongue-in-cheek label for his hilarious and poignant sculptures, is actually a quite literal description of his work: think tanks decked out in Burberry plaid, Gucci-logo chainsaws, and Louis Vuitton's once-coveted Murakami cherry-blossom print decorating a shotgun. Playing the role of a modern-day Warhol, Gronquist uses little discretion in commenting on issues such as greed in his works, which expertly reveal the relationship between war and capitalism.

Thanks for that one, Flavorpill! Again, take a second from killing people in GTA IV (Best game ever, btw) or come before/after your Iron Man screening, and see what fake violence looks like as art off a screen.

G1988: LA

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