Friday, May 9, 2008


Feels like rush hour at 1988, with tons of stuff going on in the next 2 weeks. Some are still secret, some aren't. Figured I'd hit you off with those that aren't. First off, we have "Unspeakable" - a new 2-man show from Joe Ledbetter and Andrew Brandou opening in SF a week from today! An exciting show for sure, here's your first blog sneak peek at Joe's new work, with some noticeable line work maturity. This one is called "Call to Arms."

And once we get some Brandou preview images, we'll get you one of those too, but for now, just relax and remember that show opens May 16, opening reception 7-10 PM in San Francisco.

Then we got "One to Grow On," a group show opening here in LA on May 20th, 7-10 PM. We've got tons of work in that one from amazing artists Allison Sommers, Bloo Empire, Brandon Bird, Dan Santat, Dave Chung, Erik Alos, Isaac Pierro, Israel Sanchez, Ken Garduno, Scott Campbell, Reuben Rude and Rich Tuzon. Below is a preview from Israel Sanchez, who has quickly become one of my favoritist (dictionary please) artists around.

This is really going to be an amazing show, with a piece from Isaac Pierro that we've been foaming at the mouth about for over a year! AND a new Scott Campbell print series release, this time the second set of Pac-Man beauties, seen below.

The sets are limited to 100, each print hand signed and numbered by the artist and 2.75 x 2.75 inches each. The sets are $65 each and look amazing all framed together. Again, these will first be available at the opening reception on the 20th, but shoot me over an email at if you want one, but won't be able to make the show - I'll make sure you blog loyalists get one.

A big shout out (do they still say that?) to Kanye, who picked up the Peter Gronquist show. You can see that, as well as read his readers' nice comments, BY CLICKING HERE. More thanks to HighSnobiety, MetroMix, MensRag, Danny Boy at Daily Dose, Slam X Hype, SwaggerDap, Gizmodo, VinylPulse, DVice and basically every blog ever for picking the show up for coverage. It's most likely is the most blog-covered show we've ever had, a Google search is even a bit dizzying.

G1988: LA

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