Sunday, April 29, 2007

He's got them in trees.

Matt Dangler sent over an email that had a rather odd creature attached (see below, but approach with care).

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You see this "Cowardly Lion Pillar" is one of the three pieces he's delivering to the San Fran Gallery for a group show called "The Onset" that opens on May 15th. It's an exhibit introducing many of the most popular artists in our LA gallery to the Bay Area, including "The Dangler," Mark Bodnar, Joe Ledbetter, Amanda Visell, Ahren Hertel, Buff Monster and more. Rumors are swirling that this painting is actually a portrait of an animal Matt purchased from an old Asian man, who warned him not to feed him after midnight, expose him to water or light, and eventually heat it in a microwave when it goes "bad." OK, so who's ready to take him home?

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