Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So Sercessful

Did that really happen last night?

I don't even really know what to post, guys. I'm usually witty and humorous, but now I'm just tired and a bit sad.

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1,400 people lined up, wrapped around our building, will do that to someone. The opening was a "sercess." Not a typo. I just don't have a word to describe how happy we are with the reception, as a "success" would be an understatement. So I made up "sercess." I watched Nolan Bushnell, the creator of Atari, play with a 6-foot 2600 controller, so now, in the least, I can make up words. I'm gonna scower the internet today and look for recaps of last night, cause I just can't do it myself.

#1 reason - I barely saw anything. I was busy all night.
#2 reason - I think I ate a BAD potato pancake after the show, so although my Nanny would not have agreed, Jewish food is not ALWAYS good for you.
#3 reason - I gots crap to do. (I just re-read this reason and realized you might think this has to do with the said potato pancake and my sickness because of it, but it doesn't. "Crap" is used as in "things to do." Keep that in mind).
#4 reason - see below

BUT, as soon as my Mac IBook is off the fritz, I will be putting together an online update to get ALL the available pieces from I AM 8-BIT online, because there is WAAAAY too much good stuff left. Seriously. I think you'll all be shocked.

And then I'm off to SF this weekend for the grand opening of Gallery 1988:SF. The thing is....when we opened an art gallery, we thought this shit was supposed to be kind of boring, or at least a little relaxing. I was wrong.

On a different note, Katie and I would like to send our hearts and love to Little Ava, a beautiful 3 1/2 year old girl we were able to meet through owning this gallery (and her art-supporting parents), who left us yesterday after a valiant battle with Neuroblastoma. We had only met her a few times, but Katie and I both remarked after our first encounter with her, that she just seemed "very special." I hope all of you, even those just reading about her now on this blog, can think of her today and send some love to her (now in a much better place) and her parents.

I have added this picture that Ava's mother posted on the Kid Robot boards of Ava at the gallery during a Vivisect Playset show. I'm a bit speechless after finding the picture.

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G1988: LA


Savage said...

Thanks Gallery 1988 (that means you Katie and Jensen) for a great show! We had a blast and got lots of snapshots!

My deepest condolences to Ava's family. Other than the 8-bit show, this week has been rough for a lot of us.

Irving said...

I'll be checking out "I am 8 Bit" soon!

My condolences to her family as well. :(

Jeff Soto said...

I didn't know you guys had a blog. I usually just look around and read and stay anonymous on the web. I rarely leave comments but I'm really sad about that little girl. Maybe because she reminds me of my daughter and how she loves looking at artwork. It's very sad, I'msorry for the parents. Thanks for letting us know about her.

Dee C.K. said...

Thanks guys for a wonderful show! Lots of pics and fun times. ;)

So sorry to hear the sad news about Ava. My heart goes out to the family...she is a beautiful little girl and I'm sure she was surrounded by many loving people. I'm very sorry for your loss.