Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Madden 08

While browsing the internet(s) - I came across this gem which must have just aired. It's an MTV Cribs for Good Charlotte lead singer Joel Madden, where he shows off his art gallery and his extensive Luke Chueh collection (although I think we see only half of what he's bought from G1988). Joel makes a pretty bold claim saying he's the world's biggest Luke collector, but I think I might have to second it. He's bought a lot. But still...seing Luke on MTV gave me an eerie feeling, like when I first saw the Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus" video on that channel or when I saw Cypress Hill shirts for sale at a Hot Topic years ago. They just sort of mean a lot to me, so I'm protective. Let's hope it goes more Depeche than Cypress. But this can only be good for Luke, so take a second to watch.

G1988: LA


Anonymous said...

that's awesome

Noy said...

I was wondering about the painting Joel had of Olive Oyle. It was amazing and I wanted to find more work from that artist. Any help?