Monday, August 9, 2010

Still Crazy

First up, wanted to thank artist Daniel Danger and everyone who came by the opening last Thursday night, making it one of our most successful solo shows of all time. Daniel is a truly amazing artist, and good dude, and we couldn't be happier to showing him. If you haven't made it down to the gallery yet, you have till August 27th. If you live outside of LA, #1 you're missing some great weather, but #2 you can CLICK HERE to see the show in all its glory.

Also, we wanted to send a shout-out and thanks to our friends at Electric Playground for this feature they ran about Crazy 4 Cult 4. LOVE having them come to openings!

And I think you'll be seeing EP back at the gallery in September. And probably you. Official postcard below:


1 comment:

Derby said...

Poster art was skillfully crafted by Tom Whalen of the Autumn Society of Philadelphia, just so ya know...