Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sundays are no Fun Days

Mets lose, season ends. I'm getting so used to that it hurts. Add in the fact that today is the first Sunday gallery hours I've worked at the gallery...ever, and shit ain't pretty. But you know what is pretty?

It's Mark Brown's most recent commission for gallery buyer Tina. I've held this photo off the blog until Tina picked it up, which she did with a smile today, and it's really incredible in person. Implementing icons, meaningful symbols and numbers into the painting, which Mark does with detail in all of his commissions, I see new things every time I glance at it. The crazy thing is...everyone of the elements means something to the person who commissioned it. I love this stuff. Small room for a couple people who might want a commission sometime in 2008, so let a brother know.

We have a great "No on Proposition 8" fundraiser here at the gallery tonight, cause you know....human rights mean something to us. I believe it's open to the public, and they can use your donations to fight against people who don't believe in equal human rights. So maybe we can see you tonight?

G1988: LA

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