Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Thanks to everyone for coming out last night to "Lumber Smack" - Travis Lampe's solo show. Especially a big thanks goes to Travis and his family, who came out for the exhibit's opening reception. Still lots of great paintings available, which you can see by clicking HERE.

And we've sold through half of the 50 piece run of "Accidental Mishap," the limited resin toy from Travis. So if you're thinking about it, we got about 20-25 left. Come by and see it, the thing sells itself. Literally. It talks. Says, "Buy me, the economy is fine."

Last night was the first time we handed out our new postcards advertising our October show, "Cover Band." Here's the evite...which is one of my favorite postcard designs yet (this one done by Katie!)

I've been dying for this show for over a year, since over 50 artists will take classic album LP covers and use them as their canvas, as seen with the postcard image from Krista Huot co-opting the Ozzy cover. A great line-up for this one, and I've seen a few album covers and it really comes across as a fresh show idea. We're partnering with our friends at Klipsch Audio, so we're working on some installation ideas for interactivity with music. We will see what we end up with. Anyway, figured I'd announce this show, and look for previews soon.

Oh, go see "Burn After Reading," and don't listen to what idiots tell you about it. Vintage Coens and stellar performances all around, giving this the closest to Lebowski comedy feel the Bros have done since the Dude rolled. Trust.

OH, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow. Get ready for a whole new side to G1988.

G1988: LA


*daisy said...

Awesome postcard for the Cover Band show! Love Krista's stuff- looking forward to seeing everybody's work! Bummed I couldn't make it to the Lumber reception last night- up in SF for the week, but now that means I can check out G1988 north! ; )

looking forward to the big announcement!

Payo said...

The show sounds like it could/should be amazing. And thanks for the thumbs up on Burn After Reading - I'm a huge Lebowski fan and hearing that comparison will squeeze the 9.50 (or is it more) out of me to see it.

G1988 said...

I didn't really like Burn After Reading. - Katie