Friday, September 12, 2008

Where Its Due

As we take pre-orders on the Travis Lampe Resin Art Toys (email me @ if that surprised you and you want one), I can't help but absolutely applaud and think the new Rotofugi online video ad is one of the most genius things to come out of our world ever. Man, do I wish I had the idea, resources, large brain, computer, etc., to have done this. You made me jealous, fellas.

G1988: LA

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rotokirby said...

Oh how I wish I could take full credit for it! Or any credit, really.

The concept is by a small ad agency here called Country Club Chicago. It was produced by RSA Films and directed by Acne Films.

The commercial was the prize in a contest sponsored by National Cinemedia, but unfortunately, never really saw the light of day other than it's recent posting online. Sigh.

The copy on videolog is also a little out of sync....check out this link for better audio/video sync: