Friday, September 28, 2007


A very special guest and highly regarded artist has curated our next SF show... ANTHONY AUSGANG!!!

Jensen and I are always excited to have Anthony's work in the gallery. We love him and his work and we knew he could put together an amazing show, which he definitely did!

The show is called "Apres Garde" and opens one week from tomorrow (Oct. 6th).

Anthony and his girlfriend Maura even created a website for the show! Check it out... Thanks Maura!

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That's one of the three pieces Anthony will have in the show, "The Death Of Sylvester." I seriously LOVE that painting!

Scott Saw, who's also in show put together a really cool blog explaining the process he used to create his work for the show. And you can check that out HERE!

So, get ready for this show! Only one week until it opens!

And next up we have Paper Pushers!

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