Thursday, September 27, 2007


If these names mean anything to you, we could probably be much better friends than we currently are:

Irene with Lime's Disease
Eric Nies (pre-The Grind)
Jon Brennan the Country Singer
Julie Stoffer the Mormon
Frankie with Cysitc Fibrosis (R.I.P.)

Yup, Real World Alumni. I'm a super fan. I've been geeked out since Season 1 and still actually try to catch all the episodes I can. The fact that MTV runs them every 2 hours helps.

WELL, my little dreams have come true. I can't reveal too much, but the Real World is back in Hollywood and Gallery 1988 has curated some art for the new house! Be on the lookout for PlasticGod, Chris Lee (The Crazy 4 Cult poster!), Ahren Hertel, Peter Gronquist, Kii Arens and MORE, when the new season debuts in a few months. I wanted someone to do a commission piece of Puck snorting booger rocks for their living room, but that might have been a bit too self referential. Big things for us, right?

ALSO, don't forget! No complaining to me this time. I'm giving you fair warning. The newest Crazy 4 Cult print goes on sale Friday at Noon! You can call either the LA gallery (323) 937 - 7088 or the SF gallery (415) 409 - 1376, starting at noon PST. THEY ARE ONLY 20! Lowest print run we've ever done at G1988! They really do look stunning and they shouldn't last very long at all, if you look at all our past releases.

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Matt Dangler
Lost In Loompa Land
giclee print on fine art paper with archival ink
approx. 15 x 13 inches unframed
hand-signed and numbered

Good luck on that one. I'll pick up the LA phone and we can talk about Julie the dancer from the NY season and Heather B. rapping "All Glocks Down."

G1988: LA

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