Thursday, September 13, 2007

Round 2 (Ring the Bell)

Sorry for the delay in blogs, but we're in a crunch for prints and I was waiting for this one to get back on the grind. First announced by Josh over at, the next print for is ready and I can't be more excited.

Yup, it's the second set of Scott Campbell's Showdowns. And rounding out the set, the 5th print is an all new gem made specifically for this release.

Yup, the Goonies in all their Baby Ruth, Booby Twaps, Corey Feldman glory. And besides them you got 2001, Predator, Excorcist and Fistful of Dollars. And just like the last set (SOLD OUT in a few hours), these are gonna go away faster than Britney's sex appeal. And it might not be just prints available that day on the site too (man, I'm awful at hints).

G1988: LA

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