Thursday, September 20, 2007

Next up Don, a special appearance...

Right on the heels of another Scott Campbell sell-out, we will be releasing another print. This print will be released on Sept. 28th at noon PST, and is our MOST LIMITED print of all-time. There ARE ONLY 20 MADE! It's Matt Dangler's "Lost in Loompa Land" and it looks amazing.

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Approx. 15 x 13 inches
hand-signed and numbered
giclee print on archival paper
Available Sept. 28th @ noon by calling
(323) 937 7088 (Los Angeles) or
(415) 409 1376 (San Francisco) to order.

We just posted it up on, so make sure to mark that time on your calendar as well, cause only 20 quick fingered phone jockeys will get this puppy!

G1988: LA

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