Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Young Adult poster #6

Another surprise screening, another Young Adult poster. This time right in our own backyard at the New Beverly Cinema down the street from Melrose gallery. Tonight we unveiled the Los Angeles Young Adult screenprint, by Arkansas native Matt Owen. Everyone who was lucky enough to see the advance screening of the movie went home with one of these, for free (the ONLY way you can get any of the YA prints)! Then they stopped by Gallery1988 (Melrose) for a nice little after-party with the cast & crew.

One of director Jason Reitman's favorite artists, Matt made an awesome piece based on one of the most iconic images from the film, Charlize Theron's stained dress.

We've been so lucky to be working with Jason Reitman and Paramount Pictures on this project, and remember to stay up to date with Young Adult's Twitter account (@youngadultmovie) and look out for screenings in your city and its release in December!


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