Sunday, January 16, 2011


How insane! The turnout for the Venice opening was far beyond anything we could have expected. To have a line around the building for the entire night (the sales line was out the door too, which is a first for us)? Sell out of numerous prints? See a crowd we've estimated to be almost 50% fresh faces? All without any real PR or lead-in (we had people lining up 4 hours before the opening!)...we just want to thank everyone who came out to the opening and for their patience. You can see, and purchase, all the artwork from the awesome "Multiplayer" show by CLICKING HERE.

Here's a picture of the line midway through the night (Stolen from Kevin Tong's Facebook page)

And here's basically what I all saw all night (also stolen from Tong)

Again, thank you so much to everyone who came through, and thank you to all our new neighbors, who could not have been any nicer or more inviting. We'll be announcing Venice's second show in the next week or so, and get ready for a big one. And you can stop by the gallery, on Main & Pier, anytime between Wed-Sun 11-6 PM.


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