Saturday, February 27, 2010

Donnie was a good bowler...and a good man.

The sky has opened up a bit here in Los Angeles, and we're seeing rain on a Saturday afternoon as we de-install and paint over the installation from the Glass Hat/Grass Hut show. Sad to say goodbye to our friends from Portland, but we're making way for our next show, "The Greatest Moments In Sports History (A Poster Show)," which opens this coming Thursday night from 7-10 PM. The posters are delivered and they're soooooo good. And a good surprise? Come to the opening Thursday night, and party with the Frysmith Mobile Food Truck. YUP! A french fry food truck! That serves ONLY french fries! Like in my dreams. I CAN NOT WAIT (nom nom nom)!

Although my stomach is growling loudly, the focus of this show will obviously be the incredible sports themed posters from 45 different artists. One of the funniest parts to curating this show (along with our friends at OMG Posters) has been working with the poster artists who aren't necessarily sports fans and seeing what they come up with. Whether it's fictional sports they've made up or movie references, it really rounds out the show nicely. And one of my favorites, from artist Mike Mitchell (recently Internet famous from his "I'm With CoCo" imagery), is below...



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Anonymous said...

are prints from this show going to be available online, or only in person?