Monday, December 14, 2009

Help Me?

Been here all day. Finishing up the LOST Underground Art Show. And it's brilliant. And just such an amazing way to cap off a project that has been shrouded in secrecy for so long. But I've been so proud of every aspect and want to tell everyone about it. And after tomorrow night comes and goes I hope to post a thank you to those who helped and gave so much to this project. But until then, I'm here alone. Looking at all this stuff on the walls. All the work and surprises. For what was my favorite TV show even before they came calling. It's kind of one of those moments where you think The Secret might actually be real, even though I usually hate anything Oprah endorses (t-shirt sheets excluded OBVI).

There's nothing I can show you really. All I can do is just tell you that the sold out 16 posters you see on will all be displayed in one room for the first time (and yes, I know you only see 15 on the website). There will be original artwork based on the television series. And there will be surprises. A few surprises.

Until then...

So you know. I'm making this face because we are a little under 24 hours away from the opening of the LOST Underground Art Show and I just found out we already have a line outside. Shit.



Inside the Rock Poster Frame said...

Be strong Jensen the finish line is close !!!! Nice work on this by the way.

The Kharma Initiative said...

Go Johnny Go!

DvdBos said...

I'm from Italy.
I am SO DESPERATE i can't be there to party with all of you.
I'm happy for everyone who lives in the US, especially for the ones who will wisit this incredible Art Show.

I will come to NY/Washington/Boston in March. That's not fair. :(

Can you please keep/send/idontknow something for me, the biggest LOST fan in Italy? :(

dr mum said...

Thankyou for novel and very cool marketing thingy for L O S T prints. I am the proud owner of one and have enjoyed every moment of it, hope the gallery has a superb night . . as you deserve!

Matt Davidson said...

The tiniest piece of LOST memorabilia from the night would be hugely appreciated if possible Jensen and I will even pay freight to Australia

Good luck with it all mate

Twitter @mdogg2481 or

Drama said...

can't be there, as I live in the UK, but have been rabidly following and failing to get prints. Save a surprise statuette for me?

Nachosaur said...

Wait...where's the 16th?

ReverendMilo said...

you and the whole team did amazing, cant thank you enough!!!

You were a machine all night, I was sooo impressed!

Oh and Amber is such a doll!!!