Saturday, April 4, 2009

Recap In A Box

So the smoke has cleared, and we're catching up on paperwork from our "Idiot Box" 5-year Anniversary show, which opened last Thursday night. A total success, the gallery was busy from 7 - 11 PM - and we couldn't be happier with the artwork delivered for this show. And we couldn't thank our host, Dennis "Mr. Belding" Haskins enough. Dennis was more than happy to take photos and sign autographs (on headshots we made for the man, customized by artist Andrew Wilson). Katie's inner-geek was also happy to see Chelsea Handler stop by. Lots of incredible pieces are still available, as well as a group of show specific prints, and you can see these by CLICKING HERE. Here are some pictures from opening night...

The obligatory line/crowd shot.

And now the other angle. What I like to call the "Belding Perspective."

Here's Dennis with gallery assistant, Aileen.

Dennis meeting Andrew Wilson, the sneaky fellow who went to town on Haskins' headshot for the flyer and night's autograph opportunity.

Artist Mark Bodnar, who's LOST inspired piece was "tweeted" about earlier in the day by Kevin Smith, hangs with collector Aris, who left his normal surroundings of NY to hang.

In this bromance, I sort of feel like Andrew is Brody Jenner and I kinda won some crappy TV show to hang with him a few times.

Artist Mylan Nguyen with her TMNT inspired girls. She also got a rather incredible autograph from Mr. Belding that you might not expect a high school principal to partake in. Yeah, that happened!

Artist Brandon Sopinsky stands near his nerd dream mash-up of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and "Watchmen."

A gallery patron stares into Rachel J. Wong's TV piece, and like an episode of Rock of Love, you can't change the channel.

This show will be open through April 23rd, so stop by!!!! We also want to thank all the places who covered the show including G4, LA Weekly, AintItCool, Flavorpill,,, OMG Posters and everybody else I can't think of right before I get ready to go into the gallery.

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Inside the Rock Poster Frame said...

I covered it also.
Looks great wish I could have seen it in person

krissamartinez said...

hey! that's me in that last picture. i'm "gallery patron" :)

ps. the show was awesome. i enjoyed all the pieces!