Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Our friends at The Hundreds announced an ounce of their involvement in the GPK art show and revival over their high successful blog, and at the same time gave you a few more exclusive previews, including Robert Brandenburg's piece below. Click the pic above to see more from The Hundreds and visit their Facebook page to learn how you can be the first to own The Hundreds x GPK.

Original card that inspired Robert:

And here's his explanation:

“The classic 1967 film “Bonnie and Clyde” is now so heavily identified with its leading actors that people often forget that others had auditioned for those roles. This studio still shot shows Tommy Gun during a screen test for the part of Clyde Barrow. While it’s usually accepted that Warren Beatty took the role for himself because he was producing the movie; others suggest that he did so upon the insistence of Faye Dunaway (cast as Bonnie Parker), who objected to Tommy’s diminutive stature…he being just over 3 feet tall.”

And here's what he came up with, as he takes old paintings or photos he finds at swap meets or garage sales and adds his own pop culture twist:

Excited, yet?


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These are awesome!