Monday, March 7, 2011

Paley Feast

First up, the DKNG Studios True Blood poster is now online is VERY limited numbers...

These are $35 each, limited to 250, signed & numbered and most importantly, AVAILABLE BY CLICKING HERE.

And let's debut a bunch of the remaining posters!

On March 9th, PaleyFest honors Parks & Recreation, a sitcom with an amazing fan base and equally impressive cast. For this poster we went to arguably the top pop culture poster artist around, Sir Mike Mitchell. Mike is a huge fan of the show and that shows in his creation. Ladies and gentlemen...

First time you can get the Parks & Rec poster will be at the Saban Theater on March 9th for their panel (and there are still tickets available to attend, CLICK HERE FOR THOSE!). If there are any left, you'll be able to pick them up at

On March 10th, Paleyfest pays tribute to one of my favorite shows, and characters, with Eastbound & Down. There are very few characters on TV as dynamic as Kenny Powers, so we wanted to make sure the poster captured that magic. And it DOES! Artist Derek Deal throws a perfect strike, and I know this one is going to be a PaleyFest fav...

Same as Parks & Rec, this will be first be available at the event on March 10th. Tickets are still available for the night (with Danny McBride, Stevie AND Will Ferrell scheduled to appear. CLICK HERE FOR THOSE!). And if they last, online the next day.

And...our friends at Slashfilm have debuted the Freaks & Geeks/Undeclared reunion poster by G1988 newcomers Phantom City Creative. On March 12th, the PaleyFest peeps did the unthinkable and got basically the entire casts of both show to reunite on one stage, and we got to do the poster! And its absolutely stunning.

Wanna see the whole poster? CLICK HERE.

Incredible, right? Unfortunately, that night is sold out, but if any remain they'll be online 0 just like the True Blood one above (although any of these might not last long).

We have only one poster to unveil left, and that's Glee by Tom Whalen. It's so good too! And we know how rabid their fans are. Look for that poster near the end of the week here on this blog.

G1988 (Melrose)

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