Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In The News...

Officially one of our first days off in the New Year, I'm letting this Tuesday be pretty lazy, but wanted to post up three of our favorite press mentions for the [adult swim] show from G1988 (Melrose). It seems to be everywhere and we're so thankful for all the coverage...

LA Weekly wrote up my favorite explanation of the show, for sure. Growing up, reading the LA Weekly, being featured on their site with such a lengthy article is always an honor. Click the picture above to read it.

io9 joined in on the action and gave you an overview of some of their favorite pieces. Click above to see.

We'll be back in the galleries tomorrow, back on the grind. getting ready for new shows in February, one that just might give you a Kill Screen.


Flavorpill wrote up the show and sent their readers over. You know to read it at this point.

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