Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Worlds

We're getting closer to the opening of the Kathie Olivas/Brandt Peters show here at G1988:LA, and since we've kept everyone in the dark about what you might see if you come by the opening reception Friday night, 6-10 PM, it's time for a little blog sneak peek. This show is incredible and really comes across as a field trip to the worlds that both of these artists live in. So many elements, I figured I'd give you a feel of each...

Collaboration painting from Kathie and Brandt. I'm not always a fan of collaboration pieces, but Kathie and Brandt really meld their styles together so well. So complimentary to each other, and a cool way to get one piece from two of your favorite artists.

Here's a custom Skelve created for the show. This one is called "Muerte." We have a large group of these customized toys in the show, and each one is better than the next. Like the birth order of the Jackson family. Sort of.

Classic Kathie sculpture. LOVE this one.

One of the many "Pull Toys" in the show, it's an incredible wood cut out on wheels. SO DOPE.

Anyway, that's all you get. You'll have to come by the opening reception, where both Kathie and Brandt will be in attendance, to see more. This Friday night, 7-10 PM, take the field trip with us.


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