Wednesday, March 3, 2010

High Post

One day until our newest show "The Greatest Moments In Sports History (A Poster Show)," in conjunction with our friends at OMG Posters, and we're still getting in some awesome entries. It's tomorrow night from 7-10 PM and don't forget the Frysmith Mobile Food Truck will be hanging out outside the gallery. NOM NOM NOM.

In the meanwhile, figured I'd preview three more limited edition posters that you'll see in the show, sportsmen.

Drew Millward took a swing at a sports moment that is actually one of the sources of inspiration for naming our gallery "1988." Kirk Gibson's 9th inning homerun in 1988 to win Game 1 of the world series at Dodger Stadium, basically crippling the Oakland A's for the rest of the Series. LOVE this print, especially since it shows Gibson's awesome fist pump (no Jersey Shore).

Billy Perkins gets Evel...and awesome.

Brad Klausen pitches his poster. And if you don't know, well, CLICK HERE.

SO EXCITED to show you all of them. So make sure to come by Thursday night, 7 -10 PM. I'll be the one with fries all over my face.


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Drama said...

I want a copy of that Evel Kenievel SOOO bad - tell me there will be prints.