Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ride or Die

This last weekend we were honored to exhibit "New Americana," a special weekend event with the mysterious TrustoCorp art collective. The show, a skewering of our cultural beliefs and American politics was a big hit, including the low-rider shopping cart above (with working hydraulics and themed mix from DJ Fred Wreck). All the work is incredible, especially as the show included carnival games, where the winners, who knock down three of America's problems with 3 chances, get their green cards and losers are told that America hates them (editor's note: problems like Big Business, Religion and War wouldn't go down no matter how hard you threw at it, but Gay Marriage, the Homeless and Education seemed to fall rather easily). And a carnival spin wheel that will give you possibilities, both good and bad, that will happen at the end of our days.

You can see all the work by CLICKING HERE.

pictures via ArrestedMotion.com


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