Friday, October 22, 2010

In Real Life

The mysterious art collective, TrustoCorp, is obviously in Los Angeles now. Getting ready for their show here at G1988:LA Satuday night 7-11 PM (and Sunday 11 AM -6 PM) seems to involve causing havoc in the streets, and on the shelves, of the City of Angels. For example, we caught these TrustoCorp street signs out and about the area last night (which is assume is just one of many):

That one I presume is specially made for LA.

And then there's the product placement. The sneaky cats from TrustoCorp also create their own products to basically reverse shoplift and leave on shelves around the world. Basically placing them into a normal supermarket and passing it off as a real product for sale. Here are two already placed somewhere in Los Angeles:

Frosted Faith


Again, I can not emphasize to you how awesome this show is. I can't say much about the major surprise, but it's incredible and involves a ton of work, and even help from our friends, and sponsors for this show, Klipsch audio. YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT.


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Anonymous said...

Bartender, can i get a vodka obesitia, and make it duuurty!?

NICE!! I will be there!