Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Test the Contest

So a few months back we announced a contest with our friends at where artists could send in their Crazy 4 Cult cult movie-themed submissions tot he gallery, and a winner would be chosen to have their piece included in the actual show, as well win a prize package of signed prints and posters. Well the deadline to turn in pieces for that contest have come and gone, and we've narrowed it down to 11 finalists. There is a panel of esteemed judges now affixing points to each piece, from their favorite to their....less favorite than the one before it, but I figured why not let the blog in on the process. If you want, leave a comment or send in an email with your opinions (we gave each piece a number, leaving off the artists' names for now leveling the playing field) and we'll incorporate it into our scoring process in some way. Be nice, cause mean comments get denied like The Jonas Brothers trying to buy Rolling Rocks.

#1 - Todd Browning's Freaks

#2 - Eraserhead

#3 - West World (GREAT movie, rent it if you haven't seen it)

#4 - Todd Browning's Freaks

#5 - Ju-On

#6 - El Topo

#7 - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

#8 - Porky's

#9 - The Japanese Horror Genre

#10 - Clockwork Orange

#11 - The Warriors/Trainspotting

There ya go. Thanks to everyone who submitted work for the contest and good luck to our finalists.

Also, speaking, we will officially open our Andrew Wilson cult poster contest get your thinking caps ready. And for those who have already read about the contest from our email, we'll be posting larger poster pictures for you to work with on in the next day or so.

G1988: LA


elaine said...

Totally #11!

Anonymous said...

I like these. My favorite in order are:
1. Westworld
2. Eraserhead
3. El Topo

I would be proud to hang them in my house.

All are great though.
Good Luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

My vote would go to the blue Freaks image. I've seen this persons work somewhere but I can't remember where.

mexiken said...


The Creep said...

Some good ones there, but I'm going for

The colors are amazing, and very dynamic drawing and layout.

ebb said...

My vote is for #4

Rollerballrocco said...

No 10 for me...singin' in the rain...ROCKS!

Camilo said...

#10, absolutely. I'm interested on having a hi res copy of it... it's the perfect choice for home decoration.

Anonymous said...

#10 is brilliant! I also would love a high-res copy to print out for framing! =)