Saturday, January 28, 2012

Johnny B. Good

Our good friend Johnny Cupcakes stopped buy the Adult Swim show opening and wrote about it on his blog. He has a way of capturing the moment, so make sure to click the above picture and check it out...


Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Prints: Wet Hot American Summer

At SF Sketchfest this past weekend, we were lucky enough to be included in the "Wet Hot American Summer Live Radio Play" at the Marine's Memorial Theater in San Francisco. We were there, before and after the event, selling prints from our recent Wet Hot themed show "Camp Firewood." We also released 4 new prints, which are now available on our website! One of these prints is the sold out show favorite "Wait for Me, Abby Bernstein" by Justin Santora in a new blue color variant!

Justin Santora
"Wait For Me, Abby Bernstein (blue variant)"
18 x 24 inches
signed & numbered edition of 110

Brandon Rike
16 x 20 inches
numbered edition of 50

Brandon Rike
16 x 20 inches
numbered edition of 50

Brandon Rike
16 x 20 inches
numbered edition of 50

These prints are NOW AVAILABLE on our website:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Melrose's NEXT SHOW...

Last Chance Kurt Halsey

Our next Venice show is epic. It's a solo show with all-time fan favorite artist, Kurt Halsey. But this show is even more special because it's Kurt's last solo show - ever. That's right, this will be Kurt's LAST show. SO, if you love Kurt's work, like we do, you must come to this show! Don't miss you last chance to own one of Kurt's beautiful pieces.

The show opens Friday, February 3rd from 7-10pm at Gallery1988 Venice. Stay tuned on the blog for sneak peeks!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In The News...

Officially one of our first days off in the New Year, I'm letting this Tuesday be pretty lazy, but wanted to post up three of our favorite press mentions for the [adult swim] show from G1988 (Melrose). It seems to be everywhere and we're so thankful for all the coverage...

LA Weekly wrote up my favorite explanation of the show, for sure. Growing up, reading the LA Weekly, being featured on their site with such a lengthy article is always an honor. Click the picture above to read it.

io9 joined in on the action and gave you an overview of some of their favorite pieces. Click above to see.

We'll be back in the galleries tomorrow, back on the grind. getting ready for new shows in February, one that just might give you a Kill Screen.


Flavorpill wrote up the show and sent their readers over. You know to read it at this point.

Monday, January 16, 2012

SF Sketchfest 2012!

We're so excited to announce that we will be at SF Sketchfest this year, participating in one of the most exciting events on the schedule! If you don't know about SF Sketchfest, the amazing annual comedy festival in the Bay Area, learn more by CLICKING HERE.

After successful comedic partnerships with Comedy Central and FunnyOrDie, G1988 will take the show on the road, to San Francisco, for "Wet Hot American Summer: The Live Radio Play." Taking place January 21, 2012 at the sold out Marines' Memorial Theater, G1988's participation will continue the success from "Camp Firewood," the recent 10-year anniversary tribute art show we held at our Venice location for the cult classic, "Wet Hot American Summer." For the live radio play on the 21st, which will be adapted for the stage by Thrilling Adventure Hour's Acker & Blacker, will feature Michael Ian Black, Chris Meloni, Joe Lo Truglio, Amy Poehler, David Wain, Paul Rudd, Molly Shannon, Marguerite Moreau and Ken Marino on stage performing the movie as never seen before!

Gallery1988 will be set up in the lobby, before and after the show, selling some of the most popular posters from our recent "Camp Firewood," and releasing 4 new prints made especially for, and released first at, SF Sketchfest.

This one might seem familiar, as it's a brand new color variant of the "Wait For Me, Abby Bernstein" print from artist Justin Santora that sold out almost immediately during the Wet Hot tribute show. We'll have these in limited quantity first at Sketchfest Radio Play event, then whatever is left over will be sold on our website,

With the help of artist Brandon Rike, Gallery1988 created these iconic prints of Andy, Coop and Gene from the movie, each limited to only 50 each! These are awesome and seem like perfect prints to get signed that night. Whatever is left over from the event, will again be available on our website after the 21st.

If you're attending SF Sketchfest, make sure to stop by and say hello. And if you're so inclined pick up a print and fondle some sweaters.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

jump in

image by Eric Tan

THANK YOU to everyone who came out last night to our [adult swim] art tribute opening reception! What an incredible night. We felt confident, even with customers lining up 28 hours before we opened doors, that the artwork would blow people away.

And now you can see, and purchase the art yourselves by CLICKING HERE.

Also, check out the video our friend Andrew Baik ( filmed of the wild opening reception by CLICKING HERE.

This show runs through Feb 4th, so make sure to stop by if you can!!!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Deep End.

We are steadily approaching our Adult Swim x G1988 show, which opens this Friday night, the 13th, from 7-10 PM and the work is so incredible. Two days out, let's get you some of these sneaks...

Casey Weldon summons the Tim & Eric fans, AND the cat lovers, painting this psychedelic tongue swapping that imagine hanging on ALL OF YOUR WALLS.

Jason Edmiston continues to shock me, creating flawless paintings time after time. They genuinely look like prints. This time he takes aim at everyone's favorite action figure manipulator, Robot Chicken.

Dan Lydersen is on FIRE. Carl has never looked so good, and you have to see the detail on this one in person (and actually you have to see the detail on ALL his pieces while you're at it). Luke Chueh came in the other day and made a pretty good argument as to why Dan is one of the most impressive new artists he's seen.

Graham Erwin bring a new screenprint to G1988, this one paying tribute to Space Ghost Coast To Coast. One of my favorite emerging poster artists, Graham is one to watch.

2012 will be Dave Perillo's year. Mark. My. Words. And he kicks it off with a beautiful Venture Bros. print!

That's it for now, guys. Go watch Adult Swim tonight and get in the mood, cause Friday is only two days away.

G1988 (Melrose)

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Stoked to see our friends at BoingBoing talk about tonight's Robert Brandenburg show at G1988 (Venice)!!! Click the picture above to read the article, including words from Robert himself!



Friday, January 6, 2012

Brandenburg ONLINE

Robert Brandenburg's new show is now online! Check out the work on our website, but if you can make to the gallery to see the work in person, it is SO worth it. Trust me, this show is really incredible, but it's hard to see some of the detail online. ALSO, Robert is in town, so that's even more of a reason to come to the show TOMORROW NIGHT (Saturday, Jan. 7th), 7-10pm at our Venice location.

See you there!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Almost Here


"Ape Watch" AFTER Robert Brandenburg's embellishment

We just finished hanging Robert Brandenburg's artwork and the gallery looks amazing. This is a really fun, interactive show because you'll get to see the before and after images of the work and pick out the alterations that Robert made to each piece. Some are really subtle. He not only modified a variety of paintings, but also a book, greeting card and a box of Hostess Cupcakes. It's a really creative and clever show, so we can't wait to see what you all think! We're also excited to be releasing two prints from the show! This truly feels like a great way to start off the year and we're finally almost ready to open our first show of 2012! The show opens this Saturday, Jan. 7th from 7-10pm at our Venice location. Robert will be attending the opening, all the way from Ohio, so be sure to come say hi.

See you Saturday night!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Prime Time Line-up

We've kept the line-up for our upcoming Adult Swim show rather secret, mostly because we're really excited about it and wanted the suspense to sort of build. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn't, but I know we're really excited to post the line-up now...

Miranda Dressler shows us the usual suspects from an Awesome Show.

Adam Hanson
Adam Setala
Alex Campos
Alex Chiu
Alex Todaro
Allison Sommers
Anne Benjamin
Audrey Pongracz
Augie Pagan
Ayami Kawashima
Becky Dreisdadt
Brandon Schaefer
Brian Holderman
Bruce White
Casey Weldon
Charles Moran
Chris DeLorenzo
Christopher Lee
Chuck BB
Clark Orr
Dan Bob Thompson
Dan Goodsell
Dan Lydersen
Dave Perillo
Delicious Design League
Derek Eads
Doe Eyed Design
Doug LaRocca
Drew Falchetta
Eric Braddock
Eric Tan
Fernando Reza
Glen Brogan
Graham Erwin
Irma Rivera
Iron Jaiden
James Flames
Jason Edmiston
Jason Hernandez
Jason Marz
Jaw Cooper
Jayson Weidel
Jesse Riggle
Joe Van Wetering
Joey Spiotto
Johnny Bergeron
Jon Smith
Jonathan Luna
Jordan Buckley
Josh Cooley
Joshua Budich
Julia Vickerman
Julian Callos
Justin Helton
Justin White
Kali Meadows
Karla Hansen
Kevin Tong
Kiersten Essenpreis
Kim Herbst
Kyle Norris
Lauren Gregg
Lawrence Yang
Little Friends of Printmaking
Luke Chueh
Martin Ontiveros
Matt Chase
Michael Ramstead
Michael Steele
Michelle Coffee
Mike Maas
Mike Mitchell
Miranda Dressler
Monster Factory
Mylan Nguyen
Nicole Bruckman
Nicole Gustafsson
Olly Moss
Pedro Delgado
Reza Rasoli
Reilly Stroope
Ryan Brinkerhoff
Sarah 'Sae' Soh
Scott Belcastro
Scott Listfield
Scott Scheidly
Sean Clarity
Sean Dove
Shana Bilbrey
State of Shock Studios
Steve Dressler
Steven Thomas
Todd Slater
Tom Whalen
Veronica Fish
Zac Gorman

Keep it on the calendar. Friday the 13th at G1988 (Melrose). Let's get weird.

G1988 (Melrose)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lowered Shipping Rates!

Since transitioning our website a few months ago, we have gotten constructive feedback from you guys, the buyers, that our shipping rates seemed a bit high/ We've listened, worked out the kinks, and lowered our shipping rates across the board, both domestic and international. In most cases, shipping rates have went down 30%. We appreciate your business and your patience. Please keep the feedback coming, it always helps!

Ready to kick off 2012!!! Happy New year!

Jensen and Katie