Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From Their End

Working with Tree House Brands, Spicy Horse and EA has been pretty incredible for this week's special E3 event for American McGee's Alice. When they asked us to curate the work from this show, they had thrown in that a few in-house artists would be contributing to the event. I had explained I'd have to see the work before it's added, and they promise me it would spectacular. I think they understated it.

Graphic designers and game designers from the companies have delivered incredible paintings, screenprints and giclees to the show, and I wanted to showcase a few here on the blog before Thursday's public reception that will run 7-10 PM.

This screenprint by Zeng Shuo, a concept artist for the game, is beautiful! Stunning. She is someone we'd love to work more with, that's for sure. She delivered another piece, this time a giclee print, that's equally as pretty.

And check out Ken Wong, another game designer from Spicy Horse, with his own giclee print, that is one of my favorites.

Again, this show ended up being so good, even the artists we knew nothing about are stellar.

Thursday night, 7-10 PM. See you then!

G1988 (Melrose)

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