Thursday, December 24, 2009


I'm currently enduring the last 10 minutes of the LOST Underground Art Show (and its accompanying year and a half of work) - and the last 10 minutes of my work year for 2009 here at the gallery. At 4 PM PT, we will close up for 2009 and take our yearly Holiday break both in LA and SF. Been an incredible year where our industry has taken a major hit (along with anyone selling basically anything), but with some crazy unexpected turns, we've had our most successful year yet. We couldn't be more thankful, and more specifically we couldn't be happier to be closing 2009 with the LOST show here in the gallery.

And before we take off, as Katie and I both will be spending some time in Mexico (albeit separate cities), we wanted to remind everybody about our HUGE show on January 8th, Friday night, opening from 7-10 PM. With our partners at Mattel, we'll be opening our annual "Under The Influence" show, this time honoring the incredible 1980's toy and cartoon property, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The work for this show is mind-numbingly awesome. I can not believe how EVERY artist has stepped up to pay tribute to such a fun honoree! Figure some last minute peeks were in order...

Ken Garduno takes a swing at the notorious bad guy, Skeletor.

While Gabe Lanza built up both sides in his own toy-making vision.

Johnny Sampson poses with Skektor, who is striking quite the pose himself.

Ayami Kawashima makes her return to G1988 after selling all her Crazy4Cult pieces, this time taking aim at the high flying Sorceress.

Actual Garbage Pail Kid artist Layron DeJarnette channels two 80's icons into one, with his GPK-inspired depictions of Beastman and Trap Jaw. I'd be lying if I didn't tell you guys this is a serious dream come true.

N.C. Winters continues to just get better, and totally blow my mind.

Again, write the date down! January 8th, 7-10 PM. We're also transforming the gallery into Castle Greyskull with Mattel and Pretty in Plastic, so you have no excuse. It's going to be awesome.

Have a great Holiday Season! And remember, both galleries will be closed through January 8th, when the LA gallery with open the Masters of the Universe show. But you can email us at for LA inquiries or for the SF location.


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Anonymous said...

The show looks awesome, I love He-Man themed shows! There was also one curated at Double Punch Gallery a while back that turned out great. Ayami's piece is nice, It looks like it was heavily influenced by Audrey Kawasaki's work. Sampson's Burt Reynolds play boy spread interpretation as Skeletor is much more pleasing then the Burt Reynolds photo! Bravo! Haha. My favorite is N.C. Winters piece by far. Can't wait!